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Understanding parts of speech can aid your students in understanding the ways that other languages work—knowing how the various parts of speech function will enable students to understand the principles in sentence construction and grammar. I hope that these Free A-Z WORKSHEETS will assist you in achieving your goals.

In English grammar, parts of speech can be described as a linguistic class of words. Common linguistic categories include verbs and nouns, as well as others. Nearly all languages share the lexical categories noun and a verb; however, there are significant differences between various languages beyond these.

Many languages don’t distinguish between adjectives, adverbs, adjectives, adjectives, nouns, etc. This diversity in the number of categories and their distinctive characteristics requires that an analysis should be conducted for each language. However, the types are determined according to universal criteria.

Below, you’ll find free printable worksheets for mastering parts of speech. With these worksheets, kids will learn to recognize the different parts of English grammar speech depending on how it’s exercised in a particular sentence. They are then allowed to practice writing sentences using the specific parts of speech. The nine parts of speech include nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, Interjections, Conjunctions, Articles, and Pronouns.


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