use of Wh-Words



What,Where, When, How, Why, Who, Whose, Whom and Which are called Wh-Words or Question Words. The below noted rules will make it clear when and how we use Question Words.

  • What did he say?(object of action)
  • What did he sing?(object of action)
  • Where did he go? (place of action)
  • Why have they come?(reason of action)
  • When did this incdent happen? (time of action)

Helping or modal verb is generally followed by the Wh-Words.

  • Who was in trouble yesterday?
  • Where will you go now Aslam?
  • What can we eat during illness?
  • When Shall we meet again?
  • How is this book different from that one?
  • If we want to ask a question about possession, the Question Word ‘whose’ is used.
  • Whose book is that?
  • Whose television did she bring here?
  • Whose watch did you give me?
  • Whose car did you purchase?
  • Whose shop is this?

When a question is about the subject, there is no need for a helping verb. ‘do’ or ‘did’, the Question Word itself is the subject. Then the main verb follows immediately after the Question Word.

  • Who wants to come with me?
  • What caused the blackout?
  • Who won this award?
  • Who told you the exact date of the event?
  • Who made this desk?
  • How did you get so dirty?
  • What post do you hold?
  • When does the Farid Express leave?
  • Where has the ‘barat'(marriage Procession)come from?
  • Which pickels do you have?
  • Whom do you like the best?
  • How did you trouble yourself?
  • Who is the captain of your cricket team?
  • Whose mother wrote this story?
  • Why do you speak nonsense? or Why do you chatter?
  • How can I disobey you?
  • What will you like to eat?
  • Who can fight against fate?
  • Whom did you see near the canal?
  • Which job has Rohail applied for?


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