Use of Some Anything Nothing

”Some, Any and Nothing”

Generally we use some in positive sentences while any in negative and interrogative sentences. Nothing is used for not having anything. in addition to it, somebody, anybody, somone, something, anything, anyone can also be used in the same sequence.

Examples of Some Anything Nothing


  • We bought some flowers.
  • He got some bread.


  • We did not buy any flowers.
  • Have you got nay money?


  • I have nothing on.
  • The thief found nothing in the cupboard.

We use ‘Some’ in questions when we expect answer ‘yes’.


  • The cake is nice. Do you want some?
  • What’s wrong? Have you got something in your eye?

We use ‘Some’ in questions when we offer or ask things?


  • Can I have some suger,please?
  • Would you like something to eat?

In most questions we use ‘any’.

  • Do you have any brothers and sisters?
  • Has anybody seen my bag?

We use ‘any’ after if.


  • She asked if I had any milk?
  • If anyone has any questions. I will be pheased to answer them.

Note: Somebody, someone, anybody, anyone are singular words and we often use ‘they, them, ther, after these words.


  • Someone is here to see you.
  • Someone has forgotten their umbrella.
  • If anybody wants to leave early, they can.

Model Sentences

  • He has got some work to do.
  • I want some soup.
  • I bought some tomatoes and buttter.
  • There is some man at the door.
  • I want to give him some money.
  • Ask somebody else to help you.
  • Someone has broken the window.
  • There is something under the table. What is it?
  • He never does any work.
  • Is there any left?
  • I cannot find any answer.
  • There is not anybody there.
  • Did you see anyone you know?
  • Is there anything in the box?
  • Amina told nothing about this funny smell.

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