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People judge a person by his behavior as they judge a tree by its leaves and fruits. A person of polished behavior has better chances of success in life. Remember the following important words and use them at the appropriate occasions. 


Sir, Madam, Thank You / Thanks, Sorry, Regret, Please, Excuse Me, Pardon, Allow Me



  1. Yes sir
  2. No sir.
  3. Okay sir.
  4. Definitely sir.
  5. The phone is ringing; sir.
  6. We all miss you too much, sir.
  7. I did very well in the test, sir.
  8. I follow what you say, sir.
  9. I may have been wrong, sir.
  10. Raina has barely got pass marks, sir.


A formal way of addressing a woman:

  1. You rang, madam.
  2. I picked up English easily, madam.
  3.  My English is getting better, madam.
  4.  I got good marks in English, madam.
  5.  We’ve got a new computer, madam.
  6.  My teachers always encourage me, madam.
  7.  I won a prize in the competition, madam.
  8.  Classes start early these days, madam.
  9.  You look exactly like my mother, madam.
  10.  You’ve great dash, madam.

[Thank you / Thanks]

Never forget to say ‘Thank you’/ ‘Thanks’/ ‘Thank you very much’/ ‘Thank you so much’ or ‘Many many thanks to you’ when you have received some favour or help from others.       

  1. Thank you for your pains.
  2.  Thank you for this honour.
  3.  Thank you very much for listening to my words patiently.
  4.  So much thanks for a warm welcome.
  5.  Many many thanks for your nice dealing.
  6.  We’re bound to thank God always.
  7.  Thanks to Heaven.
  8.  Thanks ever so.
  9.  We received the parcel yesterday, thanks.
  10.  I’ll thank you to go away.


1. If someone has thanked you, reply him in a polite way as:

  • It’s a pleasure.
  • My pleasure.
  • That’s all right.

2. When someone declines an offer of something, he says as:

  • No, thank you. / No, thanks.
  • Not this time, thanks.
  • Need not, thanks.
  • Not any more, thanks.
  • That’s very kind, but I won’t, thank you.

For example

  • Would you like to have a drink?
  • Would you like to have a cup of tea?

3. If someone demands something from you, say ‘With great pleasure’, ‘Take it please’ or ‘It’s yours’.

  • With great pleasure.
  • Take it please.
  • It’s yours.
  • It’s for you
  • Please

For example

May I take your bike?


On doing something wrong, You say sorry / I’m sorry / I’m very sorry or I’m so sorry/ I’m terribly sorry/ I’m awfully sorry/ I’m afraid.

  • Sorry
  • I’m sorry.
  • I’m very sorry. / I’m so sorry.
  • I’m terribly sorry.
  • I’m awfully sorry.
  • I’m afraid.


  1. Sorry, my mind went blank.
  2. I’m sorry I couldn’t call you.
  3. I’m so sorry to know about your failure.
  4. I’m very sorry to bother you.
  5. I’m sorry for what I’ve done.
  6. I’m really sorry that I can’t help you.
  7. I’m sorry if there’s been any mistake.
  8. Sorry, I did not want to interrupt you.
  9. It’s a sorry sight.
  10. Sorry to disturb you.


You use ‘Regret’ to say you are sorry or sad about something. 

  1. He regrets selling his house.
  2. I regret that I forgot.
  3. I regret what I said to her.
  4. I regret his absence from school.
  5. Ahmed heard with regret of his father’s death.
  6. I regret to say that Mr. Shafiq is very ill.
  7. I regret to say that you are wrong.
  8. She refused to marry with many regrets.
  9. The chairman regretted he would not be attending.
  10. He feels deep regret about his friend’s death.


Say ‘Kindly’ when you talk in a friendly way. 

  1. Kindly speak slowly.
  2. Kindly move a bit.
  3. Kindly leave me alone.
  4. Speak the child softly.
  5. Kindly don’t chuck me out.
  6. Kindly commit yourself.
  7. Kindly do it immediately.
  8. Kindly grant me leave for the days.
  9. Kindly take care of your health.
  10. Kindly take measures to restore peace.


Say ‘please’ when you talk to someone politely. 

  1. Attention please.
  2. Come in, please.
  3. Two cups of tea, please.
  4. Please write tender verses.
  5. Open the envelope, please.
  6. Please do as I tell you.
  7. Please wait, I attend the bell.
  8. Please see who’s at the door.
  9. Stretch out your hand, please.
  10. Please find a seat and sit down.

[Excuse Me]

Say ‘Excuse me’ when you want to politely get someone’s attention.

Use ‘Excuse me’ to apologize for interrupting someone. 

  1. Excuse me for losing my temper.
  2. Excuse me, I’m too tired. / I’m dead tired. / I’m exhausted.
  3. Excuse me, I’ve interrupted you.
  4. Excuse me, I shouldn’t have said that.
  5. Excuse my French.
  6. Excuse me for speaking rudely.
  7. Excuse me, are you Lubna?
  8. Excuse me, we don’t go to each other’s house.
  9. Excuse me, I’ll be back in a moment.
  10. Excuse me, do you speak English?


Say ‘Pardon/ Pardon me or I beg your pardon’ as a way of apologizing for doing something wrong.

When you say someone to repeat something you’ve not heard or understood, use ‘Pardon’, ‘I bet your pardon’ or ‘Please repeat it’. 

  1. Pardon me sir, I need a copy of judgment.
  2. Allama Qadri refused to pardon the Chief minister.
  3. Pardon me, I’ve spoiled the bird’s nest. 
  4. I can’t hear anything, Pardon me.
  5. Pardon me God for my bad deeds.
  6. Pardon, can I open it?
  7. I didn’t mean to do that, I beg your pardon.
  8. I couldn’t lift the sack, I beg your pardon.
  9. The Govt. pardoned all his political opponents.
  10. You had to wait for me, I beg your pardon.

[Allow me]

Say ‘Allow me’ when you see permission to go or to do something. 

  1. Allow me to contact the police.
  2. Allow me to use your phone.
  3. Allow me to pack my luggage.
  4. Allow me to rest here for a while.
  5. Allow me to call the doctor.
  6. Allow me to see the match.
  7. Allow me to go home early.
  8. Allow me to ask a couple of questions.
  9. Allow me to arrest drunk driver.
  10. Allow me to ask someone.

Test Two:

Frame at least five sentences of your own by using each of the following words.

  1. Sir       
  2. Madam    
  3. Thanks
  4. Sorry
  5. Regret
  6. Kindly
  7. Please  
  8. Excuse me
  9. Pardon
  10. Allow me

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