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Questions can be of two kinds. Those that get a positive or a negative reply (yes/no questions) and those that begin with question words: what, where, when, how, why, who etc. (wh-questions).

Yes/no questions can be formed with helping verbs be, have, do or the modal verbs will, shall, would, can, could etc.

Note: We use negative questions especially to show surprise.

A. Simple yes/no questions and answers with ‘be’:

Question 1:       Are you a student?

Answer:            Yes, I’m.

Question 2:       Is your name Nanna?

Answer:               No, it’s not. I’m Adnan.

Question 3:         Are you okay?

Answer:               Yes, fine, thanks.

Question 4:         Are you busy?

Answer:               Yes, a bit. Not much.

Question 5:         Is your papa at home?

Answer:               Let me check. Yes, he’s just arrived. I’m afraid he’s gone out. My papa is about to come. He must be here somewhere. No, papa isn’t at home. I don’t think so. He is at school.

Question 6:         Is your mum an employee?

Answer:               Yes, she’s an air hostess. No, she’s a housewife.

Question 7:         Is your brother a lawyer?

Answer:               No, he’s a professor.

Question 8:         Are your grandparents alive?

Answer:               Yes, Thank God. Yes, they are alive and kicking. Yes, they are alive and well.

Question 9:         Was Firdous at work yesterday?

Answer:               Yes, she was there.

Question 10:      Are you born in December?

Answer:               Yes, I was born on 20th December. I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you exactly.

B. Simple yes/no questions and answers with ‘has’, ‘have, ‘had’:

Question 1          Have you go some time please.

Answer:               I’m afraid, I haven’t.

Question 2          Has Fida got any personal problem?

Answer:               Yes, he’s a lot of problems. I don’t know.

Question 3          Have you got the food cooked?

Answer:               I didn’t find time.

Question 4          Has papa got ready?

Answer:               No, he’s just taken the breakfast.

Question 5          Have you sent out all the invitations?

Answer:               Yes, I’ve already done so.

Question 6          Have the guest come?

Answer:               Yes, they’ve come quite long time ago.

Question 7          Have you got new glasses?

Answer:               Yes, I’ve.

Question 8          Have all the children slept?/ Have all the children gone to sleep?

Answer:               No, they’ve not.

Question 9          Haven’t you got any friends here?

Answer:               Only a few. However, everybody is friendly here.

Question 10        Had Albert Einstein the mind of a genius?

Answer:               Yes, sure.

C. Simple yes/no questions and answers with ‘do’:

Question 1          Do you ever go swimming?

Answer:               Yes, I go swimming in the swimming-pool every day.

Question 2          Do you like fishing?

Answer:               Yes, I go fishing in the nearby river.

Question 3          Do you go for a walk daily?

Answer:               I almost go every day. No, I don’t.

Question 4          Do you get up late?

Answer:               No, I get up right time.

Question 5          Do you watch movie on T.V?

Answer:               Yes, I do but not very often.

Question 6          Do you like Chinese food?

Answer:               Yes, I’m food of it. / Yes, I do.

Question 7          Do you stay at home on Sunday evening?

Answer:               Yes, I do.

Question 8          Do you like Monday?

Answer:               Oh, no, it’s boring after two good days.

Question 9          Don’t you have a pen?

Answer:               Yes, I forgot it at home.

Question 10        Didn’t you meet him yesterday?

Answer:               Yes, I met him yesterday.

D. Simple questions and answers with Modal verbs:

Question 1          Can I talk to Neelam, please.

Answer:               Yes, just hold on.

Question 2          Can you go with us Maria?

Answer:               I’m sorry. I can’t. I don’t feel like. Not right now. Not now.

Question 3          Could you repair these shoes?

Answer:               Yes, certainly.

Question 4          Could you help me please?

Answer:               Yes, by all means.

Question 5          May I borrow your car?

Answer:               Yes, with pleasure. It’s yours.

Question 6          May I see your ticket?

Answer:               Yes, here is it.

Question 7          Might I say something?

Answer:               Why not?

Question 8          Might I stay in this office till tonight?

Answer:               No, not at all. I’m sorry. It’s not allowed.

Question 9          Will he stay with you?

Answer:               Yes, he’ll.

Question 10        Will you return soon?

Answer:               Yes, I’ll not stay long.

Question 11        Shall we go for sight seeing?

Answer:               I’m sorry. I can’t.

Question 12        Shall I close the door?

Answer:               Yes, that’s a good thing. Yes, it’s a good idea.

Question 13        Would you like some cold drink?

Answer:               Oh yes, please. I would like an orange juice.

Question 14        Would you like some more rice?

Answer:               No, thanks. I’ve already eaten enough.

Question 15        Should I tell you?

Answer:               Well, I suppose so. I don’t mind. It’s up to you.

Question 16        Should I invite him to the party?

Answer:               I wish it done.

Question 17        Must I go to school?

Answer:               Yes, you must go now.

Question 18        Must I ask you to leave?

Answer:               No, I must away.

Question 19        Need not you spend more time here?

Answer:               Not really.

Question 20        Need not we give any more money?

Answer:               Yes, that’s right.

Question 21        Ought I not to ring her?

Answer:               Yes, you say deadly right.

Question 22        Ought I not to go for my own good?

Answer:               No, that’s wrong.

E. Simple questions and answers with ‘Wh-words’:

Question 1          Where’s Zeeshan?

Answer:               I don’t know. I think he’s in his room. I suppose he’s still at work.

Question 2          Where on earth is Bilal?

Answer:               God knows!

Question 3          Where did you have lunch?

Answer:               I went to hotel.

Question 4          Where was the hotel?

Answer:               There was one at the end of this street.

Question 5          What did you like and what didn’t you like?

Answer:               I like chicken soup but I didn’t like vegetable.

Question 6          What are you thinking about?

Answer:               I’m thinking of giving up my job.

Question 7          How is weather outside?

Answer:               It’s awfully hot.

Question 8          What would you like to take?

Answer:               I only need a glass of water.

Question 9          What happened to Raja?

Answer:               He had his nose broken in a fight.

Question 10        What’s wrong with you?

Answer:               I think I’ve got flu. I’ve got a sore throat. I’ve got a headache. I’ve got stomach-ache. My eyesight is very weak.

Question 11        What did you open the door with?

Answer:               I open it with a screw driver.

Question 12        Who set the house on fire?

Answer:               I suppose it was an accident.

Question 13        How was your journey from Pakpattan to Hyderabad?

Answer:               It was a dreadful journey.

Question 14        Why did you leave out question three?

Answer:               It was too difficult.

Question 15        When did she arrive?

Answer:               She arrived late.

Question 16        What’s the name of your locality?

Answer:               Dhaki Badar Diwan, Pakpattan Sharif.

Question 17        What’s in the newspaper today?

Answer:               I don’t know. I haven’t read it yet.

Question 18        Whom does she want to meet?

Answer:               She wants to see her mother.

Question 19        Who is that girl?

Answer:               I don’t know. I have never seen her before.

Question 20        Whose book is this?

Answer:               Oh, it’s mine.

Question 21        What do you do at the weekend?

Answer:               I do nothing except watching T.V.

Question 22        How about outside?

Answer:               Great idea!

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