Manners of Expression in English Language?

As a man is known by the company he keeps, so a man’s company may be known by his manners. That’s why, there is so much emphasis on learning good manners and pleasing words. In all good schools, first of all, good manners are taught to the children. These words are so simple that everyone may easily learn and use according to the situation frequently.

  1. Be seated please./ Please have a seat./ Please sit down./ Please take a seat.
  2. Is it okay to sit here?
  3. Yes, by all mean./ Yes, with pleasure./ Yes, sure.
  4. That’s very kind of you.
  5. Delighted to meet you./ Pleasure to meet you./ Pleased to meet you./ Nice meeting you./ Nice to see you./ Glad to see you./ It’s great to see you./ How glad I’m to see you.
  6. It’s pleasure talking to you./ Nice talking to you.
  7. Me too./ So do me./ So am I.
  8. You graced the occasion by your presence.
  9. Thanks for your noble statements.
  10. Thanks for your inspiring love.
  11. It’s my pleasure.
  12. I’m very grateful to you./ I’m highly obliged to you.
  13. Good of you to come./ So nice of you to come.
  14. Haven’t seen you for yanks./ Long time couldn’t see you. 
  15. Haven’t seen you a while.
  16. It’s been a long time since we met.
  17. You look wonderful./ You are looking wonderful./gorgeous.
  18. You look a treat.
  19. You look very nice.
  20. You’ve a sweet nature.
  21. You’re sweeter than honey for me.
  22. You’ve a good speaking voice.
  23. I really feel proud of you.
  24. Let’s sit here for a while.
  25. What’s you like to eat?
  26. We’ve enough of everything.
  27. Oh, anything, we won’t mind.
  28. There you’re. Fish dish and vegetable.
  29. We couldn’t entertain you properly.
  30. Do you want any sweet?
  31. Please don’t bother.
  32. No trouble at all./ No problem at all.
  33. Is there anything you need?
  34. This is sufficient./ It’s enough./ That’ll do.
  35. Please don’t be formal.
  36. Come when you’ll./ Please do visit me whenever you like to.
  37. Ask and it shall be given to you. / Whenever you like to it will be there for you. 
  38. Do as you like./ Feel free./ Suit yourself.
  39. We’d a very nice time.
  40. Had a lovely evening.
  41. Had a rare time.
  42. I want to enjoy your delightful company.
  43. I can never pay you for what you’ve done for me.
  44. Hope to see you again if God willing.
  45. I’m looking forward to see you.

Test Three

Write ten sentences of your own on good manners.

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