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Introductory Word ‘There’

Introductory Word 'There'
Introductory Word 'There'

Introductory Word ‘There’

The introductory word ‘There’ describes the existence of something at some place.


There is used as introductory word at the beginning of sentences without a signification or sense.


  • There is a nip the air.
  • There are sever Words in this sentence.
  • There is some flour in this sack.

The word ‘There’ is used too in the midst and at the end of sentences.


  • He is there by chance.
  • Send the man who is standing there.
  • The books are there.

Sometimes, the word ‘There’ is used simultaneously at the beginning and at the end of sentences.


  • There are splendid buildings there
  • There is a beehive there.
  • There is a poor man there.

Past and future form of ‘be’ with ‘There’ can also be used.


  • There were many people at the shrine of Hazrat Baba Farid.
  • There was a great rush in front of the booking office.
  • There were poisonous snacks in the charmer’s basket.

In negative statements,’not’ is followed by the helping verbs.


  • There is no more in this compartment.
  • There were not fifty boys in our class.
  • There is no other bread-winner at home.

In interrogative sentences, helping verbs are used as a subject at the beginning of sentences end question mark is placed at the end of sentences.


  • Are there no clouds in the sky?
  • Is there on any male member at your home?
  • Was there no any way except to run away?

Model Sentences:

  • There is enough oil in the lamps.
  • There are sixty seconds in one minute.
  • There was a bad smell in the room.
  • There were six chairs near the table.
  • There was a little truth in what he spoke.
  • There is a music concet at the Mehran hotel this evening.
  • There are many kinds of insects.
  • There was an old house by the side of the river.
  • There is no village at the foot of this hill.
  • There were a few people at the bus stop.
  • There is a bowl of chicken soup on the table.
  • Are there new apparatuses in this factory?
  • He is there or not.
  • There was a great hustle and bustle in the fields.
  • There is a big bridge over the river Chenab.



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