Introductory Word ‘It’

Introductory Word 'It'
Introductory Word 'It'

Introductory Word ‘It’


The word ‘it’ is used at the beginning of sentences, followed by is. You can also use the past tense form of ‘be’ with ‘it’

  • It is a boring place.
  • It is a dangerous road.
  • It was a very special day for Najam.

‘It’ is used for lifeless things, animals, birds and infants.

  • It is a useful book.
  • It is a young dog.
  • It was a bird.
  • It is a pretty child.

We use ‘it’ to talk about distance, time,day,date, weather and unexpected calamities.

  • It is only ten minutes walk.
  • It is long past ten.
  • It was Friday that day.
  • It is the 21st of December today
  • It was pleasant weather at night.

‘It’ is used to emphasize a noun or a pronoun.

  • It is the cow which gives seers of milk everyday.
  • It was I who broke the silence.
  • It is the lesson that I learnt.

‘It’ is used in exclamatory sentences.

  • What a dreadful accident it was!
  • What a beautiful picture it is!
  • How a big house it is!

In negative sentences, ‘not’ come after the helping verbs.

  • It was not easy to climb over the fence.
  • It is not right to tell a lie.
  • It is not good to speak in a loud voice

In case of negative statement in interrogative sentences, ‘not’ comes after introductory word ‘it’.

  • Is it necessary to get a doctor’s certificate?
  • Is it very hot here during summer?
  • Was it not a difficult period?

Model Sentences:

  • It is good to speak the truth.
  • It looks like rain today.
  • It was not an off-day.
  • It is time to go now.
  • It is drizzling outside.
  • Is it an uphill task?
  • It is good to work hard.
  • Is it just a show?
  • It is harmful to eat more than enough.
  • It admits off no doubt.
  • It is very difficult for me to be a slave.
  • It is beyond my reach.
  • It is an examplary harbour.
  • It is a severe storm.
  • It was the most important


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