What is Gerund or Verbal Noun

Gerund or Verbal Noun
Gerund or Verbal Noun

Gerund or Verbal Noun

The verb + ing form when used as a noun is called Gerund or Verbal Noun. It can be used both as the subject or the object of a verb.


  • Reading is a good hobby.
  • The Government is thinking of building a bridge.
  • The old woman was telling her beads.
  • My mother was fond of cooking.
  • I hate playing cards.

Model Sentences

  • Singing gives joy.
  • Gardening is my favourite avocation
  • Was Saba reading while walking?
  • It has started raining.
  • I do not want going out tonight.
  • She hates doing the ironing.
  • Please stop asking me questions.
  • They denied stealing the money.
  • We enjoy basking in the sun.
  • Crossing the railway track is prohibited.
  • Killing birds is a crucial sport.
  • Barking dogs seldom bite.
  • They carried on talking in a low tone.
  • Walking is good for health.
  • I got sprained my ankle while jumping.


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