Forms Short Speeches

Sometimes we mange with one, two or three words to make a sentence. For example: Goodbye!/ Yes sir!/ No sir!/ Very good sir!/ The learners need to study and practice the following forms of short speeches which will not only be useful in increasing their vocabulary, improve their speaking power but also very helpful to gain the attention of others. Forms of short speeches are free from the rules of grammar.    

  1. Okay.
  2. Tata./ shall we move?
  3. After you.
  4. Come again./ Try again.
  5. Come on.
  6. Come down.
  7. Come off.
  8. Get out.
  9. Go out.
  10. Get going.
  11. Hold hands.
  12. Hands up.
  13. Money talks.
  14. No sweat./ Worry not.
  15. Rest assured.
  16. Read me.
  17. Stop playing.
  18. Stop rambling.
  19. Stop thinking.
  20. Save up.
  21. Stand aside.
  22. Stand aloof.
  23. Stuff it.
  24. Suck up.
  25. Speak up.
  26. Speak sense.
  27. Step outside.
  28. Tongues wag.
  29. Talk away.
  30. What’s up?
  31. What’s on?
  32. Answer the telephone.
  33. Answer my question.
  34. Answer the door.
  35. Come and welcome./ Come and feel at home please.
  36. Come what may.
  37. Eat to live.
  38. Get my wish.
  39. God damn you.
  40. Now stand still./ Now stop wriggling.
  41. Take a holiday.
  42. There’s none left.
  43. Walls have ears.
  44. What’s in a name?
  45. You did what?/ What did you do?

Test Four:

Write at least ten sentences of your own concerning forms of short speeches.

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