Exclamations in English Language

Exclamations are use to show strong feeling or sudden emotion. Look at the following exclamatory sentences carefully and make regular practice to improve your skill.    

Hi! (Showing frankness)

  • Hi Gulshan! How’re things with you?
  • Hi Fatima! How do things stand?
  • Hi Sadaf! How about going for a walk.

Oh! Ouch! Ow! Wow! (Showing pain or surprise)

  • Oh! I got such a fright.
  • Oh! I’ve just realized.
  • Oh for a holiday!
  • Ouch! My mother sustained a heavy loss.
  • Ouch! That hurts.
  • Ouch! She died of a heart attack.
  • Ow! I’ve got severe stomach-ache.
  • Ow! I’ve cut my finger.
  • Ow! You heaped dust.
  • Wow! What a lovely face.
  • Wow! This is so exciting film.

Ugh! (Drat)(Showing annoyance)

  • Ugh! Look at that ugly customer.
  • Ugh! The girl is giving me a glare.
  • Drat the thing!
  • Act your age!
  • All aboard!
  • Alas the day!
  • Be quiet!/ Keep quiet./ Keep silent./ go silent!/ Remain silent!/Pipe down!
  • Good Heavens!
  • How brief is the life of man!
  • How lucky I’m!
  • How lovely!
  • How well she sings!
  • Listen to the birds singing!
  • My foot!
  • None of your games!
  • Out you go!
  • Tut-tut!
  • They’re revolting!
  • That’s enough of your lip!
  • That’s the beauty of it!
  • What a liberty!
  • What a life!
  • What a funny face!
  • What a swell you’re!
  • What a silly thing to say!
  • What a dirty jock!
  • What a foul smell!/ What a nasty smell!
  • What a nuisance!
  • You liar!
  • You great idiot!
  • You’ve a crust!

Test Five:

A. Put Exclamation mark in the following sentences where you find necessary:

  1. You know what
  2. You naughty boy
  3. What a gorgeous dress
  4. Hurry up its five to six already.
  5. What a pity.
  6. Hold your jaw. Or Hold your tongue. Or Bridle your mouth.
  7. Look out There’s wrestler coming.
  8. Wait a bit
  9. Ugh look at that huge spider.
  10. Hi Shabnam How about a drink?

B. Write at least ten exclamatory sentences of your own.

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