Conversation in English Language

Conversation generally is a part of a dialogue consisting of short talk to each other in an informal way.     

CONVERSATION ONE: [Introduction]

01           What is your good name? / Your name, please?

Babu. / I’m Babu. / My name is Babu. 

02           How are you?

I’m all right by the grace of Allah.

                I’m very well, thanks.

                I’m quite well.

                I’m okay.

                Fine thanks.

03           How is your health?

                I have both physical and mental force.

                I’m robust.

                I’m a very healthy boy.

                I’m hale and hearty.

04           What do you do?

                I’m a student.

05           How old are you now?

                I’m a young boy of 14 years.

                I’m fourteen.

                I’m fourteen years of age.

                I’m just a small boy.

                I’m just a kid.

                I’ve turned thirteen.

CONVERSATION TWO: [General questions and answers]

01           Who are you?

                I’m a Pakistani.

02           Can you talk in English?

                Yes, I can.

03           Where are you from?

                I’m from Pakpattan Sharif.

04           Which is your favourite subject?

                I’m crazy about English.

05           Which is your favourite colour?

                Green is my favourite colour but I like blue too.

CONVERSATION THREE: [General questions and answers]

01           What is your favourite food?

                Alu-mutter is my favourite food.

02           Which is your favourite book?

                Sirat-un-Nabi of Shibli Nomani is my favourite book.

03           What sort of music do you like?

                I like classical music.

                I don’t have an aptitude towards it.

04           What are your legs for?

                My legs are for walking.

05           What is your nose for?

                My nose is for smelling things.

CONVERSATION FOUR: [General questions and answers]

01           What is your chair made of?

                It is made of wood.

02           How many legs does a chair have?

                It has four legs.

03           How many fingers are there on one hand?

                There are five fingers on one hand.

04           What hobbies do you have?

                Reading and swimming are my hobbies.

05           Do you take exercise daily?

                Yes, I regularly do.

CONVERSATION FIVE: [General questions and answers]

01           Why do you take exercise daily?              

                I want to keep myself physically fit.        

02           Who is your favourite teacher?

                Miss Lali is my favourite teacher.             

03           Why do you like her?    

                I like her because of her good behaviour.

                I like her because she behaves very kindly towards me.

04           Why do you learn English?          

                I learn English because it is a useful language.

                I like her because she behaves very kindly towards me.

05           How is your English?      

                My English is excellent.

                Not bad, it is improving bit by bit.            

                My English is not as good as it should be.

CONVERSATION SIX: [General questions and answers]

01           What is your father’s name?

                Jalal Din.

02           What is your father?

                He is an editor.

                He is an architect.

                He has retired from Government service.

03           What is your mother?

                She is an English teacher.

                She is a lady of the house.

04           Where do you live?

                I live in a small flat with my parents at Pakpattan.

05           Where do your father and mother live?

                They live with us.

CONVERSATION SEVEN: [General questions and answers]

01           Do you love your father and mother?

                Yes, I love my parents too much.

02           Are you the only child?

                No, I have got two sisters and on brother.

03           Is yours a joint family?

                Yes, ours is a joint family.

04           When and where were you born?

                I was born in 1951 at Pakpattan Sharif.

05           Who is your best friend?

                Mr. Gulzar is my best friend.

CONVERSATION EIGHT: [Morning pursuits]

01           What time do you usually get up? / When do you usually get up?

                I usually get up at five o’ clock in the morning.

02           Do you say the prayers?              

                Yes, of course. 

03           Where do you say your Fajr prayers?

                I say my fajr prayers in a mosque in congregation.

04           Do you go for a walk daily?         

                I almost go everyday.    

05           What time do you usually have breakfast?

                I take my breakfast around seven o’ clock.

CONVERSATION NINE: [Information about school]

01           Where do you go to school?      

                I study at Convent school.           

02           When do you get ready for school?        

                Soon after my breakfast.             

03           How do you come to school?     

                By bus.

04           How long does it take? 

                About twenty minutes.

05           How is the bus fare?      

                I think they charge minimum ten rupees.

CONVERSATION TEN: [Leave for school]

01           What time do you start for school?

                At 7:30.

02           What time does your school start?

                At 8:30.

03           What time do you have a break?

                At 11:30.

04           What is your home-time?

                At 2 o’ clock.

05           When do you come back home?

                Near about 2:30.

CONVERSATION ELEVEN: [Introducing a friend to another]

01           Hi Haris! How are things with you?

                I’m fine, thank you and what about you Aqil?

                Very well.           

02           This is my friend Tooba from Lahore.

03           Hello Tooba! Nice to see you.    

                Thanks. Me too.              

04           Come and have a cold drink.      

                Yes, of course. 

05           Have you got some time, please?            

                I’m afraid, I haven’t.


01           What time is it?

                Tell the time please.

                Can you tell me the time, please?

                What is the time please?

                 What is the time by your watch?

                What time do you have?

                What do you make the time?

                Ten minutes past two.

02           When do you wash your hands and face?

                At quarter past six.

03           When do you reach your school?

                At quarter to seven.

04           When does the Principal come to the school?

                A little before quarter to eight.

05           When does your father usually come home?

                At ten minutes past ten.


01           What class are you in?

                I’m in tenth class.

02           When does your class begin?

                Our class begins at nine o’ clock.

03           How many boys are there in your class?

                There are thirty two boys in our class.

04           Who sits near the table in the class?

                The teacher sits near the table in the class.

05           When boys are in the class, what things they talk about?

                The same what we do.


01           How is your spelling?

                My spelling is weak.

02           How do you spell your name?


03           Oh! You have spelt this word wrong. The correct spelling is this.


04           The name of your city?


05           How do you spell it?


                You are right now. Thank you.


01           What keeps you busy? 

                Certainly homework.    

02           What do you think about homework?

                I think it generates confidence, self-reliance and discipline.

                It is sure method of improvement and progress in education.

03           Have you set a time table for doing homework?

                Yes, I do my homework and study of text books in the evening.

04           How much time do you spend to complete this task?

                Almost two hours.          

05           Does student assume homework a burden?

                No, they never bother to do their homework.

                It is wrong to think so. Recapitulation and repetition are must in learning.


01           How are you getting on with your studies?

                Fantastic!  /  Smashing!

02           What are the benefits of study?              

                It provides a matchless pleasure.             

                It is the best leisure time pursuit.            

                It broadens our outlook.              

                It makes us more manly and humane.

03           How long do you study everyday?

                About two to three hours.          

04           When are your final exams?      

                In April, one month after.           

05           What do you do near the exams?            

                I revise lessons, guess about possible questions and cram answers.

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