Answer Key – Spoken English


  1. We wish to see you reap the fruit of your virtue.
  2. We wish you well.
  3. Wish you a pleasant journey.
  4. Wish you all the best.
  5. May you have the best of both the worlds.
  6. My blessings are always with you.
  7. May you flourish.
  8. The best of luck.
  9. Bless this house.
  10. Give him your blessing.



  1. Good morning, sir.
  2. Dear sir.
  3. I have come to pay my respect, sir.
  4. You have done me a great favour, sir.
  5. This entrance is shut, sir,


  1. Good afternoon madam.
  2. You are in strange mood, madam.
  3. The mad dog bit the child, madam.
  4. Sumaira sings beautifully, madam.
  5. She is unable to cock the food, madam.

[Thank you / Thanks]

  1. Thanks everybody./ Thanks all of you.
  2. Lots of thanks from Nanni.         
  3. I really cannot thank you enough.           
  4. I find no words to thank you.
  5. Thank you for the wonderful gift you sent me.


  1. My name is Fateh Ali. Sorry? Phutu who?
  2. Sorry, I took so long.      
  3. Sorry, my parents are very liberal.
  4. I’m sorry. I mistook you for my teacher.
  5. I’m sorry. I misunderstood what you said.


  1. I’m full of regret for what I did.
  2. They much regret the mistake. 
  3. I’ll regret it all my life.    
  4. I regret she walked all the way round.
  5. I regret for shouting at your yesterday.


  1. Kindly increase my pocket money.
  2. Waseem kindly drove me to school.
  3. Kindly tell me what he does?     
  4. Kindly acknowledge this letter.
  5. Will you kindly do as you told?


  1. Please bring them on line.
  2. Please come with me.
  3. Please put the tray on the table.
  4. Please remember I don’t like cauliflower.
  5. Please put a cup on these papers.

[Excuse me]

  1. Excuse me, sir. 
  2. Excuse me, I don’t have much money.
  3. Did I stand on your foot? Excuse me.
  4. Excuse me, is there any restaurant near here?
  5. Excuse me, do you have a spare notebook?


  1. Allah loves those who pardon men.
  2. Pardon, somebody is watching you.
  3. Pardon him for his wrongdoing.               
  4. Pardon. (Will you repeat again?)              
  5. Pardon me this time.     

[Allow me]

  1. Allow me to speak.
  2. Allow me to help others.
  3. Allow me to fill the cup with milk.
  4. Allow me one more chance.
  5. Allow me to go out with my friend Nazi.


  1. Your kind visit here has given me special pleasure.
  2. It’s very nice of you to say so.   
  3. Nothing delights me more than you.
  4. That’s big of you.            
  5. You took a special trouble.          
  6. I’m at your kind disposal.             
  7. You are free to decide yourself.               
  8. I would appreciate your advice.
  9. Please do come day after tomorrow.
  10. I’d love to come.             


  1. Stop! / Wait!
  2. Lovely! / Great! / Terrific!
  3. Snore loudly.
  4. Go on.
  5. What ails him?
  6. Everything went amiss.
  7. Come any day.
  8. Have a bath. / Take a bath.
  9. Be cut off.
  10. Mind the step.



  1. You know what!
  2. You naughty boy!
  3. What a gorgeous dress!
  4. Hurry up! It’s five to six already.
  5. What a pity!
  6. Hold your jaw!
  7. Look out! There’s wrestler coming.
  8. Wait a bit!
  9. Ugh! Look at that huge spider.
  10. Hi Shabnam! How about a drink.


  1. Create me a clean heart, O’God!
  2. Give us this day our daily bread, O’God!
  3. Oh not! I have lost my guitar.    
  4. Ouch! Shama badly injured in an accident.
  5. Ow! That injection hurt.               
  6. Ugh! There’s a nasty smell in this room.
  7. What’s your name, say!               
  8. What a piece of work is man!    
  9. What a youthful complexion!    
  10. What a winning smile!  



  1. Ring the bell Aamir.
  2. Shell the peas.
  3. Lay the basket there.
  4. Stop looking out.
  5. Wait at the corner.


  1. Please tell me frankly what’s the matter?
  2. If you don’t like it, do the other thing please.
  3. Please stay over Saturday night.              
  4. Please roll up this carpet.            
  5. Please stand in a ring.   


  1. Live on your wit.
  2. Dress for the occasion.
  3. Nip the evil in the bud.
  4. Heed the advice of your parents.
  5. Hear courteously and answer wisely.


  1. Make an effort.               
  2. Make this dream a reality.          
  3. Show great courage.     
  4. You got a good mark for effort.
  5. You can look to me for support any time.


  1. Do we begin?  / Should we begin?
  2. Give it a tray.
  3. May I leave?
  4. May I join you? / May I also come along?
  5. Why not come by tomorrow?


  1. But me no buts.
  2. Don’t draw him into conversation.
  3. Don’t wander so much.
  4. Keep off the grass.
  5. Take no notice.



  1. He will come soon.
  2. You must be late for school.
  3. I am sure you are right.
  4. They have just finished.
  5. What has he done?
  6. What is the matter?
  7. She might not agree with you?
  8. Who would like to come here?
  9. There will be buns for tea today.
  10. Who has been sitting in my car?


  1. its – it’s
  2. whose
  3. haven’t
  4. it’s
  5. whose
  6. aren’t
  7. who’s
  8. doesn’t
  9. who’s – whose
  10. don’t



  1. aren’t you?
  2. wasn’t there?
  3. haven’t they?
  4. don’t they?
  5. can’t she?


  1. does she?
  2. does she?
  3. do I?
  4. did she?
  5. will you?

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