12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Recognition: In Future Perfect Continuous Tense. Ta Raha Ho Ga, Tee Rahi Ho Gee, Ta Raha Hoon Ga, Tai Rahay Hoon Gay etc. appear at the end of Urdu sentences. But sometimes the words differ like Raha Ho Ga, Rahi Ho Gee Raha Hoon Ga, Rahay Hoon Gay etc. Here mention to a point of time or a period of time is imperative.


  • The nurses will have been helping the doctors.
  • The babies will have been crying for milk since morning

Method of Translation

  • Arrangement of wards in affirmative sentences will be in this manner.
  • subject+shall or will have bee+the present participle+ the rest of sentence

Method of Translation

  • In negative sentences, ‘not’ comes in between ‘shall have’ or ‘will have’ The pattern is as:
  • subject+Shall not have been or will not have been+ Present participle + rest of sentence

Method of Translation

  • We use ‘shall or will’ at the beginning of sentences.
  • If there is a negative statement in interrogative sentences, we use ‘not’ after the subject.
  • The order is as:
    Shall or Will+subject+have been+present participle +the rest off sentence


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